Audition and Reality show App!​

Infinite short videos

View short vides from local proximity based on personal history.


Share, comment, like, emojis, hashtag, user mention are available.


Find content based on hash tags or text content. Top trends also available.


Manage your profile and videos or view other’s other profiles.

Record and customize

Record and customize new or uploaded videos with cool features and audios.


App is available in 12 regional languages. User can choose the preferences.


  • The platform should have majority of complex TikTok features.
  • Live session with millions of attendants required.
  • The platform should collaborate with television industry reality shows.
  • Content preparation with the help of atleast 100 television industry actors.
  • Internal coin management with BlockChain.


  • Launch the app as reality show giant across globe.


  • For mobile, separate native apps were planned to ios and android to be able to implement feature close to web.
  • Backend was highly scalable decorated with web 3.0 technologies.


  • High quality tool was delivered within given timeline.
  • Tool is planned to audition millions of talent on the platform.
  • Live reality show with millions of users are planned on the platform. 

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