The Big Picture of Artificial World

Machine learning, IoT, Alexa are some of the cool technologies which has created enough buzz in the technological arena. There are lot of have unique offerings collectively but those aren’t that straight forward. The complexity is going to only increase in future. Have a look at the network below.

Exactly, when new technologies connects with the today’s naive technologies, the connections and combinations leads to a lot of possibilities which are hard to imagine at this stage but are not far away from reality. Take an example of speech without NLP or NLG. This combination of technologies together have the possibility of making machines talk. Without even a single piece, this whole use case would have lost the value. Now, if this talking machine can also recognize faces, pictures, videos then the machine also get the vision. If this vision can learn with or without supervisor then it further gets brain as well. Exciting isn’t it?

Next step is neural network which brings this little brain functioning close to real brain functioning mechanism. Let’s bring touch senses with the help of sensors. What else is left which differentiates human with machines? Smell. Hmm, machine can smell too and you know what, it can observe emotions also and react accordingly. The whole scenario becomes even more interesting with connectivity between devices and the possibility to communicate with each other. With the huge amount of data generated through these devices, a meaningful predictions can be provided which helps us in future planning too.

Emeis Technologies is well aware of this fact and our lab is already joining all these dots since years to bring next level technologies which would change the way professional as well as personal side of life functions. We already solved or improved lot of day to day business activities related to security, maintenance, future planning, etc. Doors open without card punch and attendances are marked automatically. Even the managers are happy with the assistance on financial planning side. They get precise suggestions related to vacations, team/client availability, parking, meeting room, sitting arrangement and coffee etc. Email and online meetings are not just a medium to communicate but a flavor of intelligence is really helping the team to avoid losses or unwanted issues. Even developers are consulting machine to help them in regular development work. Intelligence with IoT has really simplified it! The following scenario would help to understand one of the little usecase a bit more.

Such warning for individual and project management are helping to avoid the potential risk and improve the team’s productivity.

Having said that, I would suggest to stay tuned with us to get more updates and excited with the upcoming next-gen tech world.